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What I can help you with

 We all experience challenges in our lives and sometimes need a bit of extra help to get us on the right path.  Things I can help you with include; 





Relaxation and Mindfulness

Sleep problems

Low mood


Throughout my career I have worked with people from all walks of life and different nationalities. Helping you take the first step to envision the life you want and make the changes with confidence is my motivation. Supporting you to develop a range of tools that you can use everyday.

It can be difficult to make the first steps so i offer a free initial consultation, without any commitment,


I work with evidence based techniques from a range of disciplines to to help you make the changes you want in your life. I'm committed to ongoing training and personal development to support you in your own growth and personal journey. So YOU can RELAX - RETHINK - REFOCUS - RESET


I have had a varied career working as a teacher and In marketing and PR for the non-profit sector.


Working in the music industry for around 15 years I have had the privilege to travel to many wonderful countries and work with creative people from different backgrounds and nationalities.  I understand how stressful life can be and the effects it can have if left unchecked. Helping you cope with anxiety, stress, confidence issues and living a fulfilled life is my motivation.

Originally from the UK, I am currently based in Portugal




PGCE ( post grad certificate of education)

BA (hons)

I look forward to meeting you


Creating Change


Creating Change for The Life You Want

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Would you like to reset your life for more




But you can’t do it right now because …..


You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed

Your work/ life balance is out of sync

You are feeling unmotivated or lacking inspiration

You have some thoughts or feelings that are holding you back

You feel like you can’t keep going because you are fed up or over-worked

You want more meaning and value in your life but are not sure what to do


These are many of the issues I hear from successful professionals, but are stuck where they are and know they need to make some changes .

But there is some good news


How would it feel to ....

Manage stress & anxiety

Develop awareness of your purpose 

Understand what is holding you back 

Build confidence to make the changes you want 

 Get clearer on your next steps and how to act





My individual 12 session package is for creative professionals who are ready to start


Creating Change for The Life You Want

It’s ideal for you if you want to ...

Start living a more fulfilled and meaningful life

Learning about yourself and what really matters right now. 

Become a more flexible creative  thinker & doer

Let go to become free of stress and anxiety 

Be focussed on the important stuff

Let go of unhelpful fears, thoughts and beliefs 

Ready to start ‘Creating Change for the Life You Want’ for a more fulfilled way of living? 

With 20 years' experience in creative industries and education 

I understand the challenges -how stressful, frustrating, overwhelming and unbalanced life can sometimes be. 

My motivation is to support you with compassion, commitment and honesty in your process of change and growth,

Empowering you to enjoy your life with 

Fulfilment -  Focus  - Freedom


I understand it can be difficult to take that first step so I offer a free 30 minute conversation to find out more about your. needs and how we can work together.

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