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Terms & Conditions


Once you have contacted me, we will arrange a 45 minute online consultation, free of charge and without any commitment, so that we can find out more about one another, chat about your motivation and goals to understand the best way we can work together. 

I offer sessions online for English speakers worldwide and in-person sessions in Lisbon or Sintra. 


The approach is a collaborative process in which we will work together as a team to help solve real-life problems. The number of sessions varies depending on the individual and the issues. As with all therapy interventions, success cannot be guaranteed. Your motivation, expectations and active participation will also impact on the progress.


Payment can be made online by bank transfer or PayPal

Payment for sessions to be made within 24 hours.
Cancellations to be made with 48 hours notice.
I believe therapy should be available to everyone so even if you are having financial difficulties please get in touch to discuss an 'ability to pay'.

Your personal details will not be shared with anyone for any purpose, other than anonymously with my clinical supervisor , and only with your express permission.  Under the GDPR, I cannot keep information when the original purpose has come to an end. Once you have completed sessions with me any notes taken during the course of therapy will be shredded or deleted to protect your privacy. 
There are some moral and legal limitations that apply to confidentiality. A therapist has a responsibility both to the client and to the community. These limitations mainly concern risk of serious self-harm, harm to others and child protection. If a situation arises in which the moral or legal limits of confidentiality are exceeded, this will be explained and discussed with you.

Hypnosis is not suitable for people with psychosis , schizophrenia or epilepsy

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