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Habit Reversal

Habits such as hair pulling, nail biting, scratching or knuckle cracking are something that we do when we are bored, anxious or feel uncomfortable. It becomes an automatic response that we do without thinking and at the time can feel pleasant and offer relief and satisfaction. They are often caused by anxiety or stress and associated with negative thoughts that the habit can’t be changed. However these habits can have negative consequences and can cause a range of symptoms including 
Nail infections, 
Bald patches, 
Skin scarring, 
Reduced self-confidence, 
Difficulties in relationships 
Avoiding situations
Feeling embarrassed or ashamed
Hypnotherapy and behaviour therapy can help you to reverse your habit using evidence based techniques. The habit reversal will be developed alongside managing stress and anxiety, improving your self-esteem and confidence. In the sessions you will 
Build motivation
Identify habit associated behaviours
Increase habit awareness
Identify habit prone situations
Learn relaxation techniques
Mentally rehearse a replacement
Use hypnosis to support the behaviour change
Learn to practice
Get support and monitor your progress


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