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Imagine if you could:


Reduce anxiety & stress

Improve performance 
Develop confidence
Improve self-esteem
Enhance your self awareness

Enjoying a balanced life with more personal insight and freedom 

Working together to help you gain better control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to bring about positive changes in your life.  You will develop habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life

My role is to provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment to support you through your process towards the transformations you want to make.

I use an integrated approach including relaxation, mindfulness and acceptance alongside hypnotherapy. In combination with cognitive and behavioural therapy (Hypno-CBT®) to help you live a more fulfilled life.

It can be difficult to take the first step so if you would like to have an informal chat to find out more please get in touch. I  will arrange a free online 30 minute consultation, without any commitment, 


Sessions are available ONLINE or IN PERSON

From here we can arrange an appointment to discuss your issues and goals in depth


I look forward to meeting you

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Creating Change for The Life You Want

How would it feel to 


Learn techniques to manage stress, anxiety and emotions?

Develop awareness of what you need and want in your life ?

Understand and overcome what is holding you back?

Build confidence and self esteem to make the changes you want? 

Get clearer on your next steps and how to make it happen?


I offer an 12 week programme to help you start ‘Creating Change for the Life You Want’ 


Online Individual sessions tailored to your needs


You can become a more flexible thinker and more adaptive to cope with any challenges that you are facing.  


Learning about yourself and what really matters right now. 


 Ready to start ‘Creating Change for the Life You Want’ for a more fulfilled way of living? 


 I offer a free 30 minute conversation to find out more about your needs and how we can work together.

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