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Phobias & Fears

A phobia is an intense fear or reaction to certain objects or situations. They can lead to distress and inconvenience in daily life and  avoidance of places or situations.

This fear response is meant to protect us and keep us safe. However a lot of phobias are caused by things that are unlikely to pose a threat to us. An overactive fear response to these situations can be harmful to our emotional, social  and  physical well-being

Common categories of phobias include

Fear of animals ( spiders, dogs, insects) 

Fear of the environment (heights, darkness, thunder) 

Fears of situations & objects ( flying, driving, elevators) 


Other fears include: 

Social situations


Meeting new people

Public speaking

Being disliked


Not being perfect

Hypnotherapy and behaviour therapy can help you overcome the fears and develop:


A plan to overcome the fears

Increased self awareness

Improved coping skills

Improved self-control and confidence


During the sessions we will


Understand the origin of your fear or phobia

Create helpful coping skills to use when facing your fear

Create a “fear hierarchy” breaking down your fear into small parts

Create a plan for you face your fear in real life, at your pace

Use hypnosis to mentally rehearse exposure to the fear 

Develop your self control and confidence