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Sometimes in life things are not always as they seem -  maybe you see a rabbit or maybe you see a duck? 

 Changing the way  we react to situations and others and how we  manage our thoughts and feelings can help us to cope better and live a more fulfilled life.
Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is a collaborative process in which client and therapist work as a team. I work with evidence based techniques to create a personalised therapy plan. Guiding you through the process to help you develop a better understanding of yourself  and coping strategies that you can use after therapy.

Hypnotherapy is a natural process that allows you to deeply concentrate and use visualisation to focus on a specific issue to help bring positive changes. You will be fully aware throughout the process and be deeply absorbed like you would if you were watching a film or reading a book.

CBT uses a range of techniques to change unhelpful ways of thinking and behaviours and develop skills to help you become more effective in your life. Learning to develop more confidence in your own abilities, solve problems, face your fears and learn to calm the mind and body.

I can help you become your own therapist and will sometimes give you homework to help you make progress between our sessions. Developing  skills to learn to make the changes you want and meet your goals, with a focus on moving forward to with more effective ways of coping and enjoying life.
I work with a range of therapy techniques including relaxation, mindfulness and acceptance alongside hypnotherapy. Usually I do this in combination with cognitive and behavioural therapies (CBT) for more rapid changes. 

I offer a free initial consultation, without any commitment,