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Mindfulness and Relaxation 

A 4 week mindfulness a relaxation package. if you want to develop skills and tools to help reduce anxiety and worry. Improve sleep, develop greater self awareness , cope with challenges and enjoy life with more openness and confidence..Learn to use body scans,  visualisation , relaxation, acceptance and letting go of negative thoughts.


Week 1- Relaxation - learn to use physical relaxation techniques for reduced anxiety, better sleep and emotional regulation

Week 2 -Breathing and Body Scan - developing mindfulness skills to improve self awareness and regulation.

Week 3 - Visualisation  - Helps reduce stress and worry. Improve sleep and cope with challenges. Enjoy feelings of relaxation, focus on goals, create positive affirmations.

Week 4 - Challenging negative thoughts - learn to observe and let go  of negative thoughts and be less critical. Instead of responding automatically to these thoughts start to observe the errors and how the impact your feelings and start to make wiser choices.