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A small amount of stress is not only normal but can be helpful, but excessive stress can be harmful to your emotional and physical health.. Unlike anxiety there is usually a reason for the cause of stress, but if it is left unmanaged it can take a physical and mental toll on us. 


It can cause a range of symptoms that include:


Feeling overwhelmed 

Difficulties making decisions 

Thoughts and feeling that you can’t cope

Becoming easily frustrated and angry

Feeling out of control

Negative self talk

Physical symptoms including: tension headaches and aching muscles


Hypnotherapy and CBT can help you to understand the vicious cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours and take control of your life and can help you

Understand the stressors in your life

Learn how to use relaxation skills effectively

Develop problem-solving skills 

Develop self awareness 

Use hypnosis to embed new skills

Build confidence in your abilities